Cottage Etiquette

monkey etiquette

If you have booked a cottage vacation, it is wise to find out the rules ahead of time.

What to bring

Most cottages are well stocked for dishes, pots, barbeque, and entertainment, but it is a good idea to check the write-up to see what isn't there. Most cottages require you to supply your own linens (sheets, towels, pillowcases), which is nicer for you, because you can be sure whether they were laundered.

You will need to provide your own food, and probably your own condiments. In some cases you will be advised to bring bottled drinking water, since some cottages draw their water from the lake.

How much to clean up

The clean-up rules are loosening up somewhat. It used to be that poor mom would be scrubbing the floor on the last morning of the vacation while Dad and the kids played on the beach. Now most cottages require that the place is tidied up, dishes washed, garbage taken out, and obvious mess cleaned up. The floors and toilets are now more often done by the turnaround cleaning staff. However, better safe than sorry: find out ahead of time how much cleaning is desired. If you want to be welcomed back you will make sure the cottage is not a mess when you leave.

What not to do

One of the big no-nos is to bring too many people. If you sign up for six people, don't bring eight. No matter what cousin Harry says, he can't come. You will very likely forfeit your security deposit (ranging from $500 to $2000), or you will be blacklisted and never permitted to come back.