Vacationers Demand High Tech At The Global Cottage

Posted by S.M. Givens on Wednesday, March 16, 2005.

Vacationers Demand High Tech At The Global Cottage

How soon is too soon?

Q: I am purchasing a cottage that I plan to rent out. When should I start advertising it on the web? Is next June soon enough?

A: Many people start looking for next year's vacation spot as soon as they return from their holiday so they can get the best choice. Some take several months over the winter to shop around, while some wait till the last minute. So you would be wise to begin your marketing early. If you register your cottage with your cottage rental website early, it will get into the system sooner, and your marketing will gain you access to a wider audience.

Setting the rental price

Q: How can I decide on pricing for my cottage rental?

A: If you decide to handle all rental inquiries yourself, thoroughly investigate what similar cottages are charging. You can do this by looking at websites devoted to owners who rent out their cottages. Be as objective as possible when comparing your property to others. Overpricing your cottage rental will keep it empty when prospective vacationers compare yours to a lower-priced vacation rental.

Pleased to meet you

Q: As an owner of a rental cottage, I like to visit with the renters when they arrive and show them around. Later I come by and chat with them for a while. I sense some of them may not like that. Am I right in spending time with my guests?

A: Your guests are there so they can get away from everything (and everybody.) Mostly, they just want to be left alone. Also, guests like to think of it as "their cottage," so let them keep that feeling by staying away.